Simple Outdoor Exercises to Help You Burn Fat in Your Backyard

With summer right around the corner, it’s probably about that time to start getting your body out of hibernation mode and ready for the swimsuit season, though that doesn’t mean you have to fork over big bucks on a gym membership. The following list of outdoor exercises from Tampa Bay Pools is designed to kick-start your workout routine without ever having to leave your backyard. Anyone can do the following outdoor exercises, so don’t let fear and money get in the way of building a better you.



Nothing builds practical strength quite like the simple pushup, and considering its many variations, you can target different muscle groups and burn calories the whole time you’re doing it. Just be sure to use proper form: arms shoulder-length apart with a straight back. You should feel the exercise primarily in your triceps and shoulder girdle. Doing your pushups against a bench or other incline can ramp up the difficulty level and give you that extra burn.



Crunches are another simple but great way to target fat and build strength. The important thing is to make sure you’re only flexing your abdominal muscles. Improper form, such as cradling the neck, could cause a strain or tear and ultimately lead to an injury. Coupling your crunches with some light running or jogging will work wonders in shedding the fat right off.



This exercise will strengthen your leg muscles and help burn that pesky fat around the thighs and glutes. Start with your legs about shoulder-length apart and lower your torso without overextending your back. You’ll want to slowly dip until you’re just level with your knees, then gently raise yourself back up. Not being careful while you dip or dropping too low could cause unnecessary strain on your knees; this could result in injury, so be careful.



Like the squat, this is another exercise that can help you shed calories while strengthening lean muscle in your legs. Just start in the same position as a squat and lunge forward with one leg until you’re in a kneeling position. Lift yourself back up to the start and repeat with the other leg. You should definitely break a sweat here.


Calf Hops

Calf hops are fun exercises that will wear you out and burn a lot of fat. If you have a tree in your backyard, stand near it on the tips of your toes, tightening the calf muscles; the side of your house will work just as well. Jump and hit the highest point on the tree you can reach and land back again on your toes. Repeat this exercise long enough, and you’ll end up with some slim, well-defined calves.


Want More Tips on Outdoor Exercises?

As it is with all exercises, a proper diet and nutrition plan is most of the battle when it comes to losing weight. Avoid fatty foods and stay consistent with whatever routine you set for yourself, and over time, you’re guaranteed to get results. There are no shortcuts to take if you’re trying to burn fat, so get ready to break a mean sweat.

Of course, no outdoor routine is complete without the perfect yard to do it in. Contact us at Tampa Bay Pools to learn more about how we can transform your backyard into the perfect outdoor space for you.

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