Ways to Accessorize Your Backyard Oasis

Now that the warm weather is here to stay, it is time to get ready for those fun summer days by the pool. Although your Florida pool is already dazzling on its own, you can enhance its beauty and create a serene and relaxing atmosphere with the perfect poolside décor. If you’re looking to kick the summer off the right way, here are some ways you can accessorize your pool and create the perfect backyard oasis.


Keep It Comfy

 Choosing the right set of outdoor furniture can make all the difference in how you spend your time by the pool. A nice outside dining set or seating area will make your pool area more inviting and accessible for hours of leisure time or evening dinner parties. Placing lounge chairs around your pool or a cozy hammock will make sunbathing and afternoon napping that much more relaxing. Consider choosing sets with bright colors or floral patterns to further enhance the warm, sunny environment.

 Stores are now stocking up with the latest spring and summer fashioned outdoor furniture and accessories just in time for you to bring in the new season with a fresh, new look. If you are more of the do-it-yourself type or are just looking for a bargain, consider stopping by your local thrift store or yard sale for some backyard pieces. With a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint or new fabric, you can bring older furniture back to life while adding your own personal flare and style.


Adding Atmosphere

 You can add much needed color, texture and atmosphere to your pool and patio area by adding plants. Potted plants can be a great addition for a romantic and serene feel to your backyard oasis and can also make a great natural boundary around your patio. For larger areas, hanging plants are an appealing visual that can fill in unwanted gaps or unused space. Keeping your plant choices consistent in color and scale around your backyard creates a pleasing uniformity that is perfect for casual and formal settings. For a more eccentric and tropical atmosphere, you can mix and match your plant choices.

 If you want to create a calming and soothing atmosphere, especially at night, glowing candles are the right choice for you. Candles are an affordable accessory that can instantly transform your backyard environment with soft, warm light. You can mix and match the sizes and styles of candles for an endless array of decorating options. To achieve a unique, lulling ambiance, hang up candle lanterns around your patio or add pool lanterns to float inside your pool.

 Birdbaths and birdhouses can also make great additions to your backyard. These crafty pieces can either be purchased at your local hardware store or can be the perfect at-home project. Not only do these accessories visually appeal and please, but they also attract beautiful birds and other animals to help liven up your backyard’s atmosphere.


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