Phases of Pool Construction

If you’ve been thinking about making the ultimate addition to your family home, you might be wondering what the process of installing a pool into your backyard is like. Many fret that this process is long and drawn-out, leaving your yard a mess for months on end, but this isn’t true! Here is a quick overview on the phases of pool construction that can help you envision what it will be like when you have your dream pool installed.

The Initial Stages

After you and your pool construction team have finalized your pool’s design and collected the necessary building permits, the construction process can begin. The site where the watery paradise will be installed is prepared, so that the excavation and installation stages can move along without a hitch. Shrubbery and plant life is cleared, where stakes are put in place, in order to outline the shape of the pool.

After this outline has been put in place, the construction crew now knows the area which needs to be dug out. Initial plumbing is installed during these phases of pool construction, as well as an in-floor cleaning system, if you’ve chosen to take that route. Though this part of the process looks like a giant dirt hole, don’t fret, for the next stages will start to show some true progress.

Putting Everything into Place

Steel framework is added to shape the pool and to provide it with structural reinforcement. Once the steel is in place, the concrete shell can be applied, and this is where you really start to see your pool come to life. Gunite is a combination of concrete, sand and water and is applied by a professional. It is an efficient process that gives your pool the ultra-sturdy casing it needs.

In addition to adding to the integrity of the structure, gunite will also be used to add steps, benches or other custom features to the shape of your pool. After this concrete mixture is applied, the wooden structure around your pool is removed and the ground is prepared for the installation of the deck. Final plumbing is put in place as well as the necessary equipment in order to keep your pool running and clean.

The Final Phases of Pool Construction

Once the concrete of the decking has been poured, stone, pavers or another custom finish can be added in order to give your deck a unique look. Tile is placed around the perimeter of the pool and skimmers are put into place. The interior of the pool is water proofed, so that leaking doesn’t occur, and the final finish is installed.

This finish and the hardware for your pool can be chosen from a variety of colors in order to best suit your personal tastes. The pool is finally filled with water, and a service professional runs preliminary tests to ensure that it is safe for swimming. Once you are ready and the weather is warm, you can jump right in and splash your way through the summer!

Typically, our phases of pool construction here at Tampa Bay Pools takes two to four weeks. If you are interested in having your dream pool installed before the summer hits, contact us today to learn more about how we can help make that dream come true!

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