Is Your Pool Pet Safe?

Is Your Pool Pet Safe?

Having your own backyard pool can make cooling down in the summertime really convenient and comfortable. Though it is a fun and relaxing environment, keeping up with your pool requires a lot of responsibility and care. Maintenance and safety are two of the most important aspects to consider when deciding to get a pool, as well as when you already own one. Don’t put pool safety on the back burner, especially for your pets. If you’re trying to make your pool pet safe and pet friendly for the summer, here are some ways your furry family can enjoy the water.


Pool Fencing and Covering

 One sure way to keep you pets safe around your pool is to have a pet safe pool cover or fence. This is not to say that you should never let your pet in or near your pool, but during instances when your pet may be in your backyard unsupervised, a cover or fence is an extra added layer of protection to keep your pet safe and give you peace of mind. This is especially important if you have an older pet or if your pet is unable to swim—or even if your pet is able to swim, you still should not leave their safety up to chance.

 If you decide on a solid pool cover or a net, remember that these are only useful if they are replaced over the pool after every use. If you are concerned about forgetting to do this, a pool fence may be a better option for you. When fencing your pool, make sure all gaps are covered so that your pet is not able to squeeze through any openings and get in the pool. Also, regularly check for holes and tunnels your pet may dig around the fence. Do not leave any chairs or tables adjacent to the fence so your pet will not be able to climb them and jump over the fence.


Nothing to Fear

 Although you should be cautious with your pet around your pool, there is no need to feel fear or panic. With the proper precautions, the pool can be a fun, safe place for your family and pets to enjoy. Another way to ensure this safety is to expose your pet to the pool so that they can know exactly what it is. This is very important, especially for pets like cats who do not like water.

 Even more, exposing your pet to your pool can get them familiar with the area, and they will be able to know where the steps and ramps are. There are special non-slip stairs and ramps that can be installed in your pool for your pet to use if needed as an added layer of safety. Also, if you have a pet that is unable to swim, but is still prone to jumping into the pool, consider teaching your pet how to swim or getting them swimming lessons.


Make Your Pool Pet Safe and Get in Touch with Tampa Bay Pools Today!

 Make the most out of your summer by the pool with your family and pets with these safety tips. If you are in the Tampa Bay area, find out how Tampa Bay Pools can help you find the right pool for you and your pet today.

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