How to Store Pool Chemicals Safely

Keeping the chemicals in your pool balanced is an essential part of pool ownership. If you’ve been thinking about getting a pool, or you want to learn how to better care for your existing pool, then you’ve probably been wondering how you should properly handle these chemicals. Here is a brief overview of how you should store pool chemicals, in order to best care for your pool and protect your family from harm.

Storing Chemicals Throughout the Seasons

Your pool chemicals should always be stored in a cool and dry environment, to prevent them from becoming defective or dangerous. Typically, pool owners will stash their chemicals in an outdoor shed or garage. In Florida, you typically don’t have to worry about temperatures in the wintertime dropping so low that the chemicals in these outside storage units are affected.

However, when the weather and changing seasons bring about waves of heat and humidity, you need to keep an eye on your storage space. It is important that you store pool chemicals out of the sunlight in order to keep the temperatures inside of the containers from rising. When this happens, pressure can build up and harmful vapors can release, which is not something you want to happen.

How to Properly Store Pool Chemicals

Aside from knowing where to store these chemicals, you should also know how to store them properly in order to prevent spills or an accidental chemical reaction. Firstly, make sure that your chemicals are stored in their proper, original containers with nothing else. These containers should not be stacked on top of one another, especially liquids over solids in case a leak occurs.

Additionally, ensure that your storage area does not contain gasoline or other flammable chemicals. Keep these pool chemicals out of reach from animals and small children and not within close proximity of each other. If you follow these simple steps, you don’t have to worry over an accident occurring in the space where you store your pool chemicals, and you can continue to care for your pool.

What to Do When There’s a Spill

Unfortunately, accidents still happen despite our best efforts to prevent them. Spills can occur, which can cause a chemical reaction, releasing those harmful vapors we mentioned earlier. If you spot a spill, make sure that there is not a chemical reaction occurring. If there is, evacuate the area and contact your local fire department for assistance.

However, if there is not a chemical reaction, you can safely clean up the spill yourself. Make sure that you put on the proper safety gear, googles and rubber gloves, before sopping up the spilled liquid or powder. Use clean rags or a small dustpan to contain the mess and dispose of them in an unused, clean container. After reassuring that no reaction will occur, you can properly rid of the container.

To learn more about pool ownership and how to properly store pool chemicals, contact your local pool experts, Tampa Bay Pools. We are happy to help answer any questions you may have about building and maintaining your dream pool.

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