Pool Maintenance Tips for Long-Term Care

Pool Maintenance Tips for Long-Term Care

Your pool is a safe haven for you and your family. It is where you go to beat the heat, relax after a long day or spend time with the ones that you hold most dear in your life. While pools are fun for the whole family, it is easy to let them fall into bad shape and disrepair.

Being a pool owner means that you have to know the maintenance needs that your pool requires to make sure this investment becomes a long term one that you can enjoy for many years to come. Following these pool maintenance tips will keep your pool clear, blue and true for many years and provide you with the best possible outcome on your investment.

1. Clean and Check your Filter Regularly

Your pools filter helps keep the water circulating and clean. You need to make sure that it is maintained properly to keep your pool working. Actually, it is appropriate for the filter to have a small amount of dirt build up as it helps pull in other debris and particles. However, check the gauge carefully so that you do not let the build grow exponentially and do harm to your pools pump.

2. Water Levels are Key

Over time, some water will eventually evaporate out of your pool, causing the level to drop. If your pool is ever drained for maintenance, leaving it empty for too long could cause the pool to break from the ground. This is an easy thing to keep track of and even easier to fix. Simply use the water house connected to your house to refill however many liters of water you need in order to get your pools level accurate again. Keep the water high for maximum efficiency and fun.

3. Watch Your Chemical Levels

All pools require a certain number and mix of chemicals and treatments to keep the water at the perfect pH levels. pH, chlorine, alkalinity and calcium are all needed to make your pools water safe and healthy for you and your family to enjoy. Check with your pools maintenance provider regularly to update what chemicals you need to keep your pool safe.

4. Scrub and Vacuum Regularly

Open pools get dirty. This is just a fact. Keeping the walls of your pools scrubbed and the debris off of its surface is a must to keep your pool in perfect working order. Take a little time every other day or so to manually scrub the sides of your pool. Use your skimmer to remove large piece of leaves and foliage from its top so that your pool does not experience and algae buildup or calcium deposits.

If your pool is in need of upkeep or you would like more information about these pool maintenance tips, please visit our website and contact us today. 

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