The Health Benefits of Owning a Pool

When many think of a pool, they envision just a place where friends and family can splash around during the summertime. While pools are great spaces to enjoy being with others, they can also function as a beneficial tool for many individuals. If you have a desire to stay in shape or to ease chronic pain, consider these health benefits of pools and how they can be maximized by pool ownership.

Low-Impact Workouts in the Water

If you’ve ever been jogging or participated in a plyometrics class, you know how painful it is when all your weight is being slammed against the unforgiving concrete. In a pool, you can surpass this agony while still getting in an effective workout. The continual resistance provided by the water adds a layer of difficulty to your exercise regimen, but your body’s natural buoyancy keeps the workout low-impact.

There’s a lesser chance of you overheating while exercising in the pool too, as water is able to more efficiently disperse heat. From water aerobics to fitness training, swimming laps and more, there are a multitude of exercises you can do in the water. Many of your body’s systems will be used to perform these exercises, resulting in a total-body workout, all from the convenience of your own backyard.

Stress Relief and Improved Socializing

Like with any other exercise, working out in a pool can help you release stress and tension. Swimming can help renew your energy after a long day of working hard, which aides in relieving you of stress. The psychological health benefits of pools can also help decrease depression while increasing your mood.

When you enjoy being in the pool with friends and family, it can even help improve your relationships. You can invite others to swim with you so that you can stick to your exercise goals without sacrificing part of your social life. This improved socializing is made even better when you have your own swimming pool because you don’t have to travel far or work terribly hard to try and make plans with others.

Health Benefits of Pools and Managing Pain

As mentioned earlier, swimming is a low-impact exercise, which is great for those who suffer from chronic pain. Water-based exercise has been proven to improve the use of joints that are affected by diseases such as arthritis while decreasing pain simultaneously. If you struggle with diabetes or heart disease, having your own pool is a great way to still get a good workout in and reduce the risk of poor health without subjecting yourself to pain while exercising.

Women who are pregnant and have unbearable back pain can find relief in the water, which can also help boost their overall health, directly influencing the health of their unborn child. For nearly anyone, swimming and other exercises in the pool can help increase circulation, rehabilitate muscles and build up your strength – all of which can help ease chronic pain.

Are you interested in learning more about how pool ownership can help benefit your mental and physical health? Contact us at Tampa Bay Pools today to find out more about how swimming keeps you happy and healthy.

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