Get Fit with these New Year’s Resolution Worthy Pool Exercises

Everyone loves a pool. They are the staple of fun for the whole family. You splash in them, you spend time with your family in them, and they make your life so much happier. However, apart from being fun and relaxing, pools are also a great way of keeping in shape. There are many different things that you can do to stay in shape using your very own pool. Here are some of our favorite pool exercises:

Water Walking and Jogging

This is a simple and easy action to do that will help you burn calories and stay in shape. Wherever you are in the pool, stay in place and walk at a brisk pace. If you want to challenge yourself, try taking it up to a jog and moving against the resistance of the water. This is an awesome way to get some great cardiovascular circulation and burn a lot of fat. It is the best exercise to warm up with before beginning a work out session.

Forward and Side Lunges

Do this exercise near the edge of the pool for balance and support and make sure when you lunge that you keep your knee in a 90 degree vertical angle with your toes. Try three sets of ten lunges on both legs. You can also do different variations of this workout that will focus on other parts of the legs. This is a more difficult exercise, but will really tone the lower part of your body.


This is another simple exercise to help gain upper body strength without straining or hurting yourself. Put your hands shoulder length apart on the edge of the pool wall and bring your chest in towards the wall keeping your arms at 90 degree angle. This is a great and easy way to quickly build up upper body strength. The more and more often that you perform this exercise, the more you should up your reps from set to set.

One Leg Balance

This one not only works on your balance but also builds lower leg stability. Stand on one leg and raise the other up to your hip. Hold on your one leg as long as possible and then switch to repeat the process. This is a great way to make sure that your balance is well rounded and that your leg muscles gain some core resistance.

Wading and Swimming

This is no brainer. Just floating and swimming through the water can build resistance and cardio. Swimming is the best way to build cardio health and work every single muscle group in your body. Swimming and wading builds core muscle in every part of your body and helps you maintain great cardiovascular health. Using your pool in this capacity helps it become more than just an investment in pleasure, but also an investment in your very own personal health.

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