The Biggest Safety Mistakes Pool Owners Make

People of all ages love taking advantage of a swimming pool on a hot Florida summer day. Ensuring the safety of all swimmers is the most important part of being a responsible pool owner—more so than maintaining a pool to keep up the resale value on your house, though that’s important as well. Even the most responsible pool owners and parents make some mistakes in regards to pool safety, and that’s okay. By educating yourself on the most common backyard pool safety mistakes, however, you can learn how to be a better pool owner. Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid in order to improve the safety of your Tampa Bay swimming pool.

Not Enrolling Children in Swim Lessons

 Some parents feel that children under one-year-old are too young to be enrolled in swimming lessons. While there are differing opinions on this matter, the earlier you introduce your child to the water, the more comfortable they are in it, and the more they can continue building upon their swimming skills. Drowning is one of the top causes of unintentional death among young children. You can significantly improve your child’s water safety by enrolling them in swim classes early on.

Additionally, many parents rely on just using water wings to teach their children to swim. While these make swimming easier for children, they also give them a false feeling of security that they will continue to expect to be there even when the wings come off. Most advocates don’t recommend your children use them.


Ignoring Adult Safety

 Most pool owners know the importance of reinforcing pool rules to children, even those that are guests of the house, but few think to go over the rules of the pool with adult guests. Just because someone is grown does not mean they know the pool rules, nor does it even confirm that they know how to swim. No one of any age or swimming ability should ever use the pool alone or unsupervised. This means that there should never be just one person, even an adult, in your Tampa Bay swimming pool by himself or herself.


Not Learning CPR

 Every pool owner should be prepared to handle a situation and administer potentially life-saving care during an emergency. You can find and take an accredited CPR and first aid course at your local YMCA or American Red Cross. This way, you’ll be prepared for any aquatic emergency should a paramedic not arrive to the scene in time.

We at Tampa Bay Pools, Inc. are dedicated to improving the safety of Tampa Bay swimming pool owners and their families while also a providing fun and relaxing space for family bonding. By making your pool as safe as possible, you can ensure that everyone has a good time without worrying. Contact us today with any concerns about your pool’s safety or other questions—we’d be happy to speak with you!

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