Memorial Day Pool Party Ideas

Memorial Day is only a few short weeks away, and that can mean only one thing: backyard cookouts and pool parties. The only problem is that all of these parties seem to be the same, which is not the way you roll. You want your Memorial Day pool party to stand out and be talked about for years to come. Lucky for you, there are some easy ways to tweak the traditional Memorial Day bash to make it fun, fresh and memorable. Here are a few of Tampa Bay Pool’s absolute favorite Memorial Day pool party ideas to help transform your next holiday bash from bland to unforgettable.

Spice Up Your Food Selection

One of the things that makes most Memorial Day parties unremarkable is the lack of food and drink variety. Burgers, hotdogs and beer are great, but they are a little played out when they’re featured at every get together. To spice up your Memorial Day gathering, try and add some signature foods and drinks from different areas of the country. Give some of your guests a taste of a place they’ve never visited, and let others get a piece of the home they’ve left behind. Providing a wide range of comestibles will be appreciated by all of your guests and make your party one to remember.


Don’t Skimp on Your Decorations

What’s the one thing that comes to mind when you think of Memorial Day parties? If you said red, white and blue decorations, then you’re on the right track for our next great pool party idea. Most Memorial Day hosts put out a few America-themed decorations, but it’s rarely more than some cups and napkins.

To fully get in the holiday spirit and take your party to the next level, you should go all out on the directions. Find every America themed piece of décor there is to be had and put it on display. Fully committing to the spirit of the day will make for a much more festive party that will be enjoyed by all


Liven Up Your Party with Games

No pool party is complete without a few games, and your Memorial Day pool party shouldn’t be any different. Come up with a few games that fit the day—such as a puzzle made up of the fifty states—and coax your guests to play at some point during the party. While themed games surely aren’t for everybody, your guests that enjoy such things will love the idea. Plus, having games on hand is great for the occasions when it seems like the party has hit a lull. Party games are a great way to put a twist on the traditional Memorial Day party.


Don’t Forget the Most Important Part of Your Memorial Day Pool Party

Now that you’ve come up with a list of ideas for your next Memorial Day pool party, there is only one thing missing: the pool. To throw a truly great Memorial Day bash, you need a backyard pool, and the best way to get one is through a trusted pool installer like Tampa Bay Pools, Inc. Tampa Bay Pool’s twelve step construction process makes getting your perfect pool fast and easy, the way it should be. Contact us today and find out how Tampa Bay Pools can make your pool dreams come true.

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