Myths about Pool Ownership

There are many reasons for not testing the waters, literally, and purchasing a pool. At Tampa Bay Pools, we’ve heard it all. From financial reasons to landscape worries and the fear of an uptick in utility bills, there are many fears preventing folks in the Greater Tampa Area from diving in and purchasing a pool of their own. Don’t worry, we’re here to assuage those fears and show you that pools are timely, feasible and worthwhile investments. Tampa Bay Pools is here to set the story straight and help you get started on your dream pool.

“Construction is going to take too long, and my yard will look terrible.”

False! At Tampa Bay Pools, we have a detailed construction process outlined on our site that tells you exactly how we’re going to install your pool, and how long it will take. We begin construction somewhere between two and four weeks after permits are issued, and from there our award winning pool builders start their twelve-step process – depending on the knicks and knacks (rock work, walls, etc.), we’ll have your pool completed in around six to eight weeks.

It’ll be done so quickly, you’ll barely have time to register that we’re there! During post-completion, however, what residents in and around the Greater Tampa Area will have time to register is your beautiful new pool.

“Pools are too expensive.”

This myth is twofold: the general idea is that pools require either too much money to build, or too much in upkeep. Again, this one holds no merit when it comes to Tampa Bay Pools. We offer our superb, award-winning service to those on any budget. Our finance providers offer loans on pools with very little (if at all) equity – we also offer competitive rates unique to your financial situation.

While many other pool builders are finding it difficult to loan, Tampa Bay Pools has risen above with a team of lenders ready to loan to those in the Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Brandon, St. Petersburg and Greater Tampa Area today!

We obviously don’t offer loans for utility payments, but have no fear – electricity bills tend to only rise by an average of between $30-$50 a month with a pool. When compared to public pool fees and the other odds and ends associated with travelling to a public pool, it ends up being money saved!

“I’ve had bad experiences with previous builders.”

This one is simple – it won’t happen with us. At Tampa Bay Pools, we’re proud of our family values, professionalism and customer service. Our showroom in Brandon is filled with over two-hundred different tiles, water features and other options – all this goes to show that we’re very serious about what we do. But serious doesn’t have to be standoffish – our first and foremost priority is making the client happy – otherwise, why do it? We don’t want all the happy memories you can make in your new pool to be tarnished with bad service.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re worried about building a pool and live in the Tampa Bay, Clearwater, Brandon, St. Petersburg or Greater Tampa Area, let us service you. We promise, you won’t be disappointed with Tampa Bay Pools!

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