Why You Should Purchase a New Hot Tub in Winter

Winter is flu and cold season. Naturally, staying indoors and hiding from bacteria seems like a good way to ward off sickness – but did you know that soaking in a hot tub at around 104 degrees Fahrenheit is actually one of the best ways to avoid these sicknesses during the colder months? That’s because hot tubs aid the body in forcing it to sweat out toxins, so hanging around outside in the winter isn’t so crazy when you have a hot tub! Here’s why:

Exercise, Pain Management and Stress Relief

Light exercise, known as hydrotherapy, is another option available to hot tub owners that’s perfect for maintaining fitness and health during the winter months.  By stretching in your hot tub, you’re able to stay warm and keep limber even without putting yourself through the harshness of the cold weather. You can also up the ante by doing lightweight work with specialized weights. This is perfect for those who aren’t exactly active during the winter (we know how much better those sheets and blankets feel, trust us).

Hot tubs are even useful for those who do decide to exercise in the cold – there’s nothing like soaking in a hot tub after a run in the frigid weather, as the water is both extremely relaxing and serves to rejuvenate your tired muscles.  Hydrotherapy is a top tier pain management technique, as it is efficient at improving blood circulation, reducing chronic pain and even helps temper the effects of arthritis. The additional circulation in blood also helps to lower blood pressure – hot tubs are essential for those who might suffer from high blood pressure.

It also helps with your mental health during the blustery months. There’s no doubt that being cooped up when the weather outside is frightful is a strain on your stress, and can lead to some serious mood swings. Knowing that the hot tub is waiting for you at home after a hard day is a huge relief – especially when you get to spend that time soaking in warm water and surrounded by fresh air, instead of having to lay on lumpy couch under a scratchy blanket.


How to Prepare Your Hot Tub for Winter

The most important aspect of hot tub upkeep during the winter is to make sure your pipes don’t freeze – now obviously this isn’t a huge issue for those living in the Greater Tampa Area, but just to be safe always check to see if your hot tub has an auto heat control or freeze protection system.

Another hugely important step to take is making sure you’re covered – literally! The right cover is essential to helping reduce energy usage during the colder months.  You want to keep your hot tub at a constant temperature, much like you would your house – it is far less expensive to remain at a set temperature than it is to constantly heat and reheat the water in your hot tub. You’ll also want to make sure the air jets are completely turned off, so that they don’t force cold water into the hot tub and put it in a constant state of heating.


Hot Tubs are a Great Winter Option!

Clearly the benefits lay with purchasing a hot tub in the winter, especially when you can choose our award winning selections and service at Tampa Bay Pools. So what are you waiting for? Call us today at (813) 684-3639, or check out pictures from our website to see exactly what kind of spas we can cook up for you this winter.

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