Fun Pool Games for the Tampa Bay Pools Family

Family fun pools are where fantastic memories are created. We have some great games that we’ve heard about and have played with our own families, and we hope that your friends and family enjoy them too.

 Catch the Swimmer

For this ring toss style of game, noodle owners can turn their pool noodles into a “ring” shape and then attempt to “catch” someone in the pool by tossing a ring over his or her head, arm, leg, or any other body part.

 MAKING A NOODLE RING: Take a toilet paper tube and cut it lengthwise. Roll it up and insert it into the hollow of your pool noodle. Attach the other end of the noodle to form a ring, secure it with duct tape, and you’re set!

Go Fish

One player, with his or her eyes closed, stands in the pool or sits upon the edge of the pool and holds the noodle so that it’s touching the water. Once the one player with the noodle pole shouts, “Gone Fishin’!” , the other players will dash, splash and swim around, attempting to avoid the one players’ moving noodle. When the fisherman calls, “Got a fish!” after tapping a player with the noodle, that player then becomes the new fisherman.

The Pool Noodle Limbo

This game is for the avid divers in your group. Two people will start off by holding the pool noodle straight on the surface of the water with divers diving beneath it. With each successful group of divers the pool noodle will be gradually pushed lower, forcing the divers to dive lower and lower to swim underneath it. The person who dives the deepest wins!

Chicken Noodle

Much like the classic chicken fight pool game, the goal of this game in family fun pools is to knock your opponent off of his or her noodle. Both players can straddle or sit upon the noodle anyway they see fit and then work to knock the other player off balance. Whoever stays on the longest wins!

The Noodle Paddle

In this game, players lay on their noodles as they would a surfboard and then attempt to paddle themselves across the water of family fun pools using only their arms while still staying balanced. Whoever makes it to the other end first is the winner!

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