Benefits of a Screen Enclosure for your Pool

A quality swimming pool enclosure can help you enjoy your pool in safety and with less effort all year round!

Would you like to swim securely year-round, virtually pest free? How about reducing your family’s exposure to UV rays and your pools chemical requirements, and dramatically slashing maintenance time? At Tampa Bay Pools, we are frequently asked by customers if they should invest in a screen enclosure. While customer needs vary greatly because of lifestyle and location factors, we generally advise weighing the following benefits.

Year-Round Enjoyment

Every Central Florida resident knows that our climate can be both a blessing and a curse. Many of us choose to live here because our blessedly mild winters allow us to enjoy the outdoors free of ice, snow and their associated unpleasantness. With a swimming pool enclosure, you can even enjoy your swimming pool in the coolest months in relative comfort! Utilizing the warm rays of the sun, a custom enclosure creates a greenhouse effect that keeps your pool environment warmer than outside and even lessens heat loss from pool water during the evening hours. And in the peak of summer when temperatures are nearly unbearable, an enclosure can provide shade while screen panels make the most of cooling breezes to keep your pool water an inviting retreat from the heat.

Safety and Security

In addition, our pool enclosures’ UV blocking materials protect you and your loved ones from the dangers of the sun’s most harmful rays. Not to mention how they cut your monthly chemical expenses since unfiltered UV rays burn up chlorine molecules. Have you have ever been concerned about who may access your pool when you’re not at home? If you worry about your liability for the death or injury of wandering children or other unauthorized intruders, a swimming pool enclosure may give you much needed peace of mind. Equipped with lockable entries, swimming pool enclosures keep undesired visitors out, and protect you and yours from predators while enjoying your pool area.

Another way you may need protection is from annoying and even dangerous insects and wildlife. Just imagine enjoying the outdoors free from Florida’s pesky mosquitos! Ants, roaches and spiders can certainly put a damper on enjoying the water as well as clog up pool filters and make for nasty surprises when emptying skimmers. And whether you live in a rural area or even in the middle of a suburb, wild animals such as rodents, frogs, snakes and even alligators can be unexpected guests. A quality swimming pool enclosure keeps out everything from these creepy critters to the neighbors’ cats!

Decreased Maintenance

Finally, who wouldn’t want a cleaner pool with less hassle? Most pool owners agree that the only downside to owning a pool can be the maintenance and upkeep required to keep it enjoyable. By shielding your pool from leaves, grass clipping and other organic debris, and by filtering out windblown dirt and pollen, a pool enclosure can virtually eliminate the need for skimming, reduce the frequency of emptying skimmers and filter baskets, and even keep your filter cleaner longer.

If these advantages to installing a custom swimming pool enclosure seem appealing to you, don’t wait another day! Give the experts at Tampa Bay Pools a call for your in-home estimate, and increase the enjoyment you get from your pool and spa.

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