How to Make Your View the Main Attraction


Does your property have an amazing view? Perhaps you are fortunate to live right on the water where you can watch the sun go down every evening from the privacy of your backyard. Or maybe you are in a lush green spot where nature takes center stage and you want to keep it that way. But you also want to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool.

Good news! You can still have the beautiful and enjoyable pool you’ve always dreamed of without sacrificing your amazing view. With thoughtful design from an experienced company like Tampa Bay Pools, you view can remain the main attraction.


Keep it Simple

To accomplish this, we primarily advise the simple approach. Keep tile, coping, and decking simple and, for best results, monochromatic. Avoid eye catching details like raised walls or columns, planters, or water features in your pool design. These things create visual breaks, resting places for the eye to gravitate to, and keep the focus in the foreground. If you do choose to incorporate these items, keep them away from the edge of the pool that backs up to the view you wish to make the star.

Consider keeping the shape of the pool itself linear. Straight lines create a visual pathway for the eyes to follow out into the distance. This “lane-ing” tactic can be further enhanced by using vertical landscaping and other design features along the left and right sides of the pool. This creates a frame of sorts for your vista.


Discover an Infinity Pool

Perhaps the best method of leading the eye toward a desired view is to build an infinity pool. An infinity pool is an elegant design in which at least one edge of the pool is unbounded by both coping and decking, allowing water to rise to the top of the pool wall. It creates the illusion of water stretching on into infinity, hence the name. We use this infinity edge, also known as a vanishing edge, to lead the viewer’s focus to the desired perspective. This open edge has a basin that is invisible from most angles and collects spill-over water and returns it into the pool’s filtration system.


Beloved for their vista-enhancing nature as well as for their sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic, infinity pools have continued to grow in popularity in recent years. They are frequently seen gracing the rooftops of high-end hotels as well as oceanfront, lakefront, or mountain-view resorts worldwide. The experienced professionals at Tampa Bay Pools make the grace and beauty of an infinity pool accessible to you in your own backyard! Call us today for a free design consultation.

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