4 Bright Ideas for Pool Lighting

4 Bright Ideas for Pool Lighting

While swimming during the day is fun, nothing beats a nice dip in the pool after dark. You may not want to have to light your pool with tiki-torches or flashlights, however. Here are some tips that you might want to consider if you are thinking of installing pool lighting.

Look at the Tile

The first thing you want to think about is matching the color of your lighting to the color of your pool tile. While you obviously want to keep things looking nice, you can actually pick colors that are absorbed by the tile in your pool and reduce the amount of light that it puts out.

On the other hand, choosing the right colors can help you to come up with some interesting and unique lighting effects. If you are unsure what you might be able to do with your pool tile colors, give the internet a search to see what others are doing. It might inspire you.

Keep it Soft

You and your guests want to enjoy your pool. Feeling like you are in the spotlight of a Broadway play is not the way to make people feel comfortable. Having several softer sources of light in your pool is a much better way to go than having one bright harsh source. Consider at least two sources (or more) to keep your pool lit at a comfortable level. 

Don’t Forget the Deck

You can spend all of your time looking for great pool lighting, but if people can’t see where the steps are, they may never get in. You have to keep the area around the pool well lit as well. Soft lighting around the deck and pathways will ensure you can find your way into the pool. You can also enhance the feel of the entire pool area by choosing lighting for your landscaping as well. Spreading the light around has the bonus effect of spreading out the insects, as there are more than one source of light to be attracted to.

LED or Incandescent?

What kind of lighting best fits your pool? The two main choices are LED and incandescent. Of course, LED lighting is much more expensive initially. It can offer several advantages over incandescent. First is the reduced cost of energy. LED lights are much more efficient and will consume less power as you operate them. They are also available in a much wider variety of colors than you can get with good old incandescent bulbs.

Take the time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both before you make a final decision on what kind of lighting to go with. Don’t forget that while incandescent bulbs carry the lower up front cost, there may be much more on the back end than you are anticipating.

For help installing pool lighting, contact the experts at Tampa Bay Pools. We can get you up and running with pool lights in no time. 

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