Fire Pit Safety Tips for the Whole Family

Fire Pit Safety Tips for the Whole Family

Nothing beats chasing the chill away from a cool night outside with a fire. Fire pits are a great addition to any backyard or outdoor area. You must always remember that open flames are not something that should be taken lightly, even in a controlled area like a fire pit. Practicing proper fire pit safety can prevent expensive damages and injury. 

Choose Location Carefully

Choosing the location for your fire pit is the first step in making sure that you don’t accidentally have fire anywhere that you don’t want it. Some obvious things to remember are to keep your fire pit away from any structures. Between 10 and 25 feet is a good distance. Never put your fire pit underneath a porch or a deck, as the flames could get high enough to light these on fire. Also remember to keep some paving stones between your pit and the grass or ground that it is sitting on.

Prep the Area

Once you find the ideal location, you are going to want to prep the area for the fire. Clear out anything that might be flammable from the area around the pit. Using five feet as a rule of thumb will be good. This distance should prevent sparks or coals from lighting dry vegetation. If you want, you can pile up an area around the center of the fire with rocks or dirt to ensure that embers won’t be causing any issues.

Lighting the Fire

Put away the lighter fluid. You really don’t need it for lighting your fire pit, and using it can cause a multitude of issues. Keep the lighter fluid in the charcoal grill. Fire pits should be started using kindling and newspaper or one of the starter logs that you can purchase. If you choose to use paper, newspaper is best. You want to twist it up (like the wick of a candle) so you get the longest burn possible. Light it and place it at the bottom of the pile of kindling.

Always remember to check the wind speed and direction before you start your fire. If the wind kicks up, it can blow coals and embers unexpectedly away from your location. If there is some wind, make sure to check that the downwind direction is clear of anything that might catch fire.

Just like you want to stay away from lighter fluid, don’t be tempted to use gasoline or any other flammable liquids, either. Stick to kindling to start your fire. It is much safer in the confines of a fire pit.

Never Leave the Site

Don’t walk away from your fire once you have it going. If something does happen and nobody is there, fire can spread quickly and uncontrollably before you get to do anything about it. Make sure children understand that the fire pit can be dangerous, and ensure that they have adult assistance. Never leave them or your pets unattended near a fire.

A fire pit is a great way to complement a swimming pool. Contact Tampa Bay Pools today for more information about making this addition to your backyard.

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