Which Spa Design Is Right For Your Combined Pool & Spa?

Which Spa Design Is Right For Your Combined Pool & Spa?


The benefits of having an inground spa are vast, from relaxing after a long stressful day to easing sore muscles after a swim and socializing with friends. There are quite a few pool design options to consider, however, starting with whether you want a spa alongside or in the pool, or one which is build in a different part of your backyard.

Detached Inground Spas

A detached inground spa is one which is located some distance away from the pool. A detached spa may be a good option for those who want to create a private place to relax away from the splishing and splashing of the pool, for those who want to build a larger spa, or those with an open garden backyard design.

Adjacent and Integrated Inground Spas

An inground spa can be added to your existing poolscape pool in a number of ways, and it can be built at the end, along the side or into the corner of your existing pool depending on the location of the utilities needed for the spa and the shape of your pool.

  • Integrated inground spa: Integrated spa designs place the spa inside of the swimming pool and the spa is part of the pool’s overall shape. These are most easily incorporated during the initial pool building stages.
  • Attached inground spa: Adjacent spas appear as a separate entity from the pool and can be added to your poolscape at any time. These spas can be inground, or they can be elevated above the pool, adding a whole new dimension to your pool design.
  • Raised perimeter overflow spas: A popular raised inground spa option, the raised perimeter overflow spa features water spilling over the walls of the spa, creating a relaxing visual and audio effect.
  • Spillover inground spas: Having a spillway offers even greater audible appeal than the raised perimeter overflow spa. These spas are designed to have a thin veil of water flowing from the top of one side of the spa into a lower spillway (although the effect makes it appear as if the stream is funneling into the pool).

Why Fall Is a Great Time for a Spa

Fall is a great time to build an inground spa with Tampa Bay Pools! Our award-winning Tampa Bay pool builders and spa designers will have your custom inground spa all ready to go before those cooler Florida evenings arrive over the next few weeks.

Treat yourself to the perfect place to relax and unwind with friends and loved ones this season. Click on our “Pool and Spa Photo Galleries” to view a portfolio of our custom inground spas, and call us today to learn more about how we can bring your dream spa to life at (813) 684-3639.

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