Simple Tips for Keeping a Cleaner Pool

Most pool owners will go through a basic “Pool School” when their new pool and spa are completed. At that time, your pool builder should teach you how to operate your pool equipment, do basic clean-up, and check and adjust your pool water’s chemical levels. But beyond that, there are some common sense ways to keep a cleaner pool and prevent messes from occurring in the first place.

Plan Pool-Friendly Surroundings

For starters, carefully consider the materials used to border your pool. We’ve all seen breathtaking photos of pools surrounded by a lush carpet of green lawn, or with beautiful tropical flora enclosing the pool like a hidden island paradise. For many pool owners though, kids, pets, or environmental factors such as gulf breezes or the terrain’s run-off patterns can too easily introduce sand, mud, mulch, rock or plant material into the pool. In addition to being unsightly, these materials require extra time and effort to remove, and can also clog drains and filters and damage pool equipment.

If your family lifestyle is likely to include lots of clambering little feet or heavy traffic, consider enclosing your pool in at least three-foot deep-decking on all sides. Installing wind-breaking fencing or corralling nearby plant-life in raised or other thoughtfully designed planters can also help mitigate the intrusion of natural debris. Of course, use a mower with a bagging attachment to collect clippings or at the very least, remember to mow in the direction that blows grass clippings away from the pool!

Install an Outdoor Shower

It is easy and inexpensive to add a shower head and faucet to most pool plumbing configurations, and a simple drain can be tied into yard drainage or sewers in most residential environments. In addition to showering in nature being a very pleasant experience, an outdoor shower near the pool can help ensure that dirty feet and sweaty bodies don’t carry contaminants into the pool and spa. Bonus: Saturating hair in an outdoor shower prior to swimming can help protect it from damage caused by chlorine and other pool chemicals. It also provides a super-convenient place to wash the family dog!

What particular factors may be contributing to unnecessary mess in your pool and spa area? Perhaps a common-sense approach can help resolve your problem as well. If you are just getting started designing a new pool and spa, be sure to address your lifestyle considerations and concerns to your Tampa Bay Pools design professional. We’ve been there and done that, and we pride ourselves on putting our extensive experience to work for you! Call today for your free consultation.

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