Picking the Perfect Pool Shape

Picking the Perfect Pool Shape

Pools come in all shapes and sizes. While many pool shapes are more popular than others, as traditional forms tend to be what comes to mind when people hear the word “pool,” there are a variety of different choices that could work well to meet the specific aesthetic you want for your backyard. Below are a few of the pool shape choices to consider when designing your new pool. 

Geometric (Straight-Lined Pools)

Geometric, or straight-lined pools, are the most common shape for a pool. While they can be both rectangular or square, you will generally see rectangular pools more often. You may also see these pools with one or more “legs” on one end or the other so that one side of the pool is wider than the other. 


A kidney-shaped pool is similar to a simple oval shape and is probably one of the most traditional pool shapes. However, it has an indentation on one side. This shape appears more natural, so it is favorite for homeowners who want a nature-inspired oasis. 


A freeform pool is exactly as it sounds — you can literally make it any form that you would like. It generally does not have any straight lines. It is one of the most natural-looking options that you can have for your backyard pool designs. Freeform pools are often combined with natural-looking rock work and waterfalls, as well as more luscious landscaping. 


An L-shape pool will have a much longer side than the other so that the pool’s shape forms an “L.” The pool can have hard lines, or the sides may be softer and more curved. Your pool builder will help you determine whether the more modern lines or softer edges will achieve the look that you want for your yard.


Oval is one of the most traditional options for pool design. Pool construction for this option is much more straight-forward, and it provides a pleasing symmetrical shape for the pool. Cleaning can sometimes be easier when you have a symmetrical shape that has no edges, as well. 


A rectangular pool is what you will often see at a commercial swimming facility. These pools have hard lines and edges. They work well for more modern pool designs, including decking and walkways. 


Grecian pool design is based first on the rectangular pool. It had hard, straight lines. But it also has curved corners on each point. That means that there are no 90-degree angles in this pool design. Instead, each corner features a small edge that works great for displaying potted plants, sticking your feet in the pool, or setting drinks. This classic shape has a more elegant feel to it. 


A Roman-inspired pool shape is similar to a Grecian pool. However, instead of having hard lines on either end of the pool, the edges will open to a smaller curved shape. That means that you get the benefit of having the carved-out edges of a Grecian pool, but you have a bit more space on either end of the pool to relax. 

Choosing the Right Design for Your Space

The design that you choose for your yard will depend on the space you have and the type of environment you are trying to achieve. Whether you’re looking for a more classic design or something ornate in nature, the expert pool designers at Tampa Bay Pools will help you create a beautiful poolscape that captures your aesthetic. Contact us today to learn more about your options. 

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