Our Favorite Luxury Water Feature Combos

Pool design has become a lot more fun over the years for both Tampa Bay pool builders and homeowners. There is no shortage of luxury custom water features that can be incorporated into any design or theme. If you can dream it, it can be built by a great custom pool building company.

Are you interested in installing a beautiful in-ground swimming pool onto your Florida property soon? If so, there is a lot to consider from the size of your future pool to what design features you would like to include. The end goal is to create an oasis that you are actually enjoy going to at the end of the day. Here are some of our favorite luxury water feature combos.


Water Fall with a Sheer Descent

Many homeowners love the look of a beautifully flowing waterfall. It brings a sense of tranquility and refinement, while also adding a rich and luxurious appearance. For many years, only the most affluent in the state could afford to have a waterfall at their home—now, the idea is becoming a part of the plans for a multitude of custom pools. When you add this element with a sheer descent, the look becomes mesmerizing. A sheer descent offers clean lines, broken only by the flow of the waterfall.


Planters with Custom Seating

Having custom seating built into pools is a major luxury trend with homeowners. These seating options give guests a great place to relax while still enjoying the cool water of the pool under the hot Florida sunshine. This feature can be further enhanced by incorporating raised planter boxes into the mix. Planters around the pool are extremely elegant when they are filled with lively plants and flowers.


Island Spa and Stone Wall

Bringing stone in as a pool building material makes your finished product much more luxurious in appearance. There are so many ways that you can use stone, but one of the favorites is to build a stone wall. This looks fantastic when it is paired with an island spa in the center of your pool. You will truly have a luxury resort right in your backyard if you have these features.        


Statues and Fountains

Nothing speaks luxury like custom statues. Placing these around your pool will certainly bring a richness to your outdoor spaces. To further enhance these statues, place fountains around its base or make the statues into fountains themselves.   


Sun Shelf and Stacked Stone Stairs

Another beautiful way to use stone around your custom swimming pool is to create a stairway. Your stairs can be any design you like. Have them lead to a tranquil sun shelf that has been built into your pool. This combination is perfect for those who want a peaceful place to relax.


Build Your Custom Swimming Pool

This is the perfect time to get started on your custom swimming pool through excellent Tampa Bay pool builders. If you would like more information, visit our water features page or contact a representative with Tampa Bay Pools today.

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