Is a Pool Worth the Investment?

Is a Pool Worth the Investment?

It’s the middle of summer. As the temperatures throughout Florida continue to rise, you might be thinking about how wonderful it would be to have a pool in your backyard. 

While building a new pool is a big undertaking, it’s one with many benefits. Let’s look at some reasons why incorporating a new pool to your Tampa Bay backyard would be beneficial for you and your family. 

Adding Resale Value to Your Home

While adding a new inground pool to your home can be a significant upfront investment, it may increase the value of your home. A few factors will determine how adding a new inground pool will be beneficial. 

  • The climate in your area. Since you live in Florida, adding a pool will add more value compared to a location where you can only use the pool for part of the year.
  • Your neighbors all have pools. If many of the homes in your neighborhood have pools, then having a pool may be an expectation in your community. That means that any buyer that is looking at your home may be disappointed to find out that it does not have a pool like many other homes in the area. Of course, if your area has a shared neighborhood pool, then adding a personal pool may not make a lot of sense for resale. 
  • The size and location of the pool. Some homeowners make the mistake of adding too much pool for their yard. Or, they might add a pool that is too small to be functional. Adding the right-size pool and using a great pool design that fits your area will increase the likelihood that your new pool will add value to your home when you put it on the market. 

A well-maintained pool could increase the value of your home by 7%. Of course, the value increase depends on the above-factors and the type of buyer that may be interested in purchasing your property. 

Increased Family Time

Many people choose to add a pool to their yard because they believe their children will enjoy it. What they may not fully appreciate is that adding a pool usually becomes a family affair. 

Having this recreational activity right in your backyard usually generates more family time. Parents are often thrilled that this particular recreational activity does not involve a glowing screen, either. Creating memories with your family, including your children who are having a great time in the pool, is pretty appealing for many parents.

Exercise, Health, and Well-Being

Swimming is a low impact exercise that is beneficial for a wide variety of individuals. It provides a full-body workout that is accessible, low commitment, and does not require much of an additional investment other than maintaining your pool. It is an excellent form of cardio and uses more muscles than any other single workout. 

Enjoying time in the pool also often helps your mental health, as well. Being out in the sun helps you get the Vitamin D you need to give your mental health (and skin!) a boost. Enjoying time in your pool, basking in the sun (perhaps with a cool drink in hand), can also help relieve stress and tension as well. 

Swimming can even increase how well you sleep at night! The exercise you get in the pool can help you fall asleep easier and sleep better. A cool dip at night before bed can also help you drift off into an even more peaceful night’s sleep. 

Is Getting a New Pool Right for Me?

Maybe. Everyone is different, and you have to weigh the costs and benefits for you. The experienced pool builders at Tampa Bay Pools can help you determine the right pool for your yard so that you can take full advantage of the new addition to your home. Contact the pool building experts at Tampa Bay Pools today to learn more about pool ownership and if it’s right for you. 

About Tampa Bay Pools

Tampa Bay Pools is a custom pool builder serving Tampa Bay, Brandon, Riverview, Lithia, Valrico, Odessa, Lutz, Plant City, and Seffner areas, who understands the importance and value of your own backyard escape. That’s why we build spectacular new inground swimming pools that are easy to maintain. 

We offer a wide variety of custom projects including residential or commercial swimming pool building, stunning custom features to customize your pool, outdoor enclosures for your backyard oasis, and custom spas
Our pools can be designed to fit any style or budget; we even offer swimming pool financing options.

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