How to Determine Your Swimming Pool Budget

Tampa Bay is one of the most beautiful areas in the state of Florida. It presents the quintessential tropical atmosphere with beautiful beaches and an equally stunning city skyline. There is no end to the opportunities, from education to employment; the quality of life in Tampa Bay is certainly hard to match. For these reasons, people flock to the area to become homeowners and build a life.

Many people who buy houses in the area seek out reputable pool builders to install a custom swimming pool. The warm weather that graces the area throughout the year makes it possible to enjoy a swimming pool despite the season. They are certainly an excellent investment, and if you are considering having your own swimming pool built, the first place to begin is with your budget. Here are some tips to help you to determine your swimming pool budget.


Select Your Pool

Your budget is widely based off of what style of pool you select and the building materials that are used to create it. The two categories of basic pool designs are classic pools and freeform. Though both can be stunning, classic pools are generally lower in price than freeform pools. You will find a brief description of both below.   


Classic pools are characterized by their square or rectangular shape. Some feature other unique geometric elements, such as added sides, angles or entries that add visual interest to the pool. Even the most basic classic pools are modern works of art that can be further enhanced with serine fountains and streamlined edges.


Freeform pools are customizable creations that can be made into virtually any shape. These pools can be smaller and simply feature a unique layout, or they can be resort-sized with built-in caves or miniature rivers. These pools look great with added features like rock walls and waterfalls, which brings us to our next budget consideration.


Select Your Features

Once you know what design you would like, it is time to select your added features. Some favorites include: water or fire bowls, fountains, waterfalls, rock walls, raised sheer descents, custom seating within the pool, beach entries, tanning decks and much more. You will also need to determine if you would like to incorporate a spa, outdoor kitchen or other outdoor feature when you have your pool built. In addition, the technology that you put into your pool can have an impact on the overall cost.


Select Your Pool Equipment

Finally, it is time to select your pool equipment to complete your budget planning. There are many great products available, from highly efficient pumps to impressive robotic vacuum cleaners for the pool. You can even choose to invest in a control system that allows you to completely control every element of your pool right from your hand.


Tampa Bay Swimming Pool Financing

If you would like more information on planning a budget or covering the cost of your Tampa Bay swimming pool, visit our financing page or contact a representative with Tampa Bay Pools today.

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