How Long Does It Take To Build a Pool?

How Long Does It Take To Build a Pool?

The pool building process has a lot of moving parts. But one of the most asked questions is, “How long does it take to build a pool?” Much like the building of any other entity, it requires planning, which involves meetings regarding the design, modifications being made to the budget, selecting the materials, and so on. Due to different circumstances, the time in which it takes to build a pool may vary, but let’s take a look at the different stages of building a pool and how long it all usually takes.


Deciding on a design is the very first step of building a pool, and this entails having multiple meetings with the designer. You can go browse designs online along with the galleries of images that are provided to you, which will help you customize your pool accordingly. 3D modeling technology has also made this process much easier. The design process can take anywhere between one to four weeks.


The next step is getting a permit for your pool, and the duration for this step in the pool building process varies depending on the town or county you’re in and how fast the officials act. It can take anywhere between four to six weeks. Most townships or cities require you to acquire a residential building permit for your swimming pool. City officials, neighbors, as well as local professionals are communicated with so as to ensure the safety of the entire process. 


Although the process of excavation can get done in a day or two, it could take longer if complications occur and restrictions are placed regarding utility lines and such. Factors such as the accessibility of the backyard, weather conditions, moisture level of the soil, and even natural obstructions can all affect the time it takes to excavate a pool. After excavation, the rest of the building process to follow will usually take roughly 10 to 12 weeks. 

Steel, Plumbing & Electrical

Once the pool has been dug, the next is laying the steel, routing the plumbing and electrical, and ensuring that the underworkings of the pool are set up in a manner such that they’re completely reliable. Therefore, while it can be done in about two days, this step of the pool building process could take up to two weeks based on the size of the pool and its complexity. 


This is the exciting part where you actually get to see your swimming pool take shape. During the application process, the gunite is shot out of a nozzle using high velocity air where it is mixed with water at the delivery point, while finishers with trowels then shape and smooth the pool. This is also when any swim outs, benches or stairs are created. Once the gunite is completed, it will then need to cure before it can be plastered in your chosen finish and color. 

Deck, Landscaping & Custom Features

Adding the creative features comes next in this process, whether it’s coping, decorative tile, decorative lining, and so on. Adding landscaping, including lighting and water features can take a minimum of one to two weeks and a maximum of four weeks. Adding the final coating is what comes next, and once all this is done, your pool will be built and ready to go.

However, there’s also another step you need to factor in, which is making the pool ready for whoever wants to swim in it. This includes filling up the pool, getting the pool pump and pool filter and pool heater installed, and then adding the necessary chemicals. 

Your Tampa Bay Pool Building Experts

When it comes to your backyard, the pool building experts at Tampa Bay Pools have what it takes to create a gorgeous poolscape you can enjoy with family and friends for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about the pool building process and to schedule your design consultation. 

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