Popular Design Features for Inground Pools

Popular Design Features for Inground Pools

What transforms a regular pool into a luxury pool relies heavily on the design features and elements that a homeowner chooses. While there are a number of different elements for pool owners to choose from, these popular design features are a sure way to showcase a pool that exudes comfort, extravagance, and splendor.

1. Infinity Edge 

The luxury backyard pools of today almost always feature the infinity edge. This feature, whether incorporated into your pool or spa, gives bathers the sense of being immersed in an endless stretch of water. Thanks to the clever dropped edge design, these pools seamlessly blend the glass-like waters of these luxury pools into your surroundings.

2. Sunshelf

Whether you choose to lounge in a chair or relax in the cool, refreshing waters of your pool, a tanning ledge is an ideal feature to add to any pool. As an added benefit, a sunshelf can also act as a “splash and play” area for younger children or those who are wary of entering the deeper waters of your pool thanks to the flat ledge. 

3. Sheet Waterfalls

Water features of any kind help bring a sense of opulence to luxury backyard pools, but the favorite choice amongst pool owners these days is the sheet waterfall. Unlike the tumbling and bubbling traditional waterfall, sheet waterfalls are incredibly sheer and have clean lines, giving your pool a more modern and updated feel.

5. Glass Tiles

Durable and beautiful glass tiles are becoming the “it” item of luxury pools. These tiles catch and reflect the sun’s rays in a way that creates an exciting visual display. With an array of different colors and patterns to choose from, glass tiles as waterline tiles, mosaics on your pool floor or even as a raised spa surround are sure to make your pool stand out among the rest. 

6. Raised Spas

Raised spas are wonderful additions to make your pool more luxurious. These unique features can have a spillover edge, creating a dramatic effect on the overall aesthetic of your pool, or they can be offset by gorgeous glass tile or beautiful stonework. Since the raised spa adds another dimension to the pool, these become a great focal point for your outdoor living space.  

7. Fire Features

Fire features add elegance to any poolscape. These bowls or pots come in a variety of designs and can be incorporated throughout the perimeter of your pool. Many fire bowls feature a waterfall of some sort, creating a mesmerizing visual that’s sure to impress your visitors. Fire features allow for beautiful nighttime effects that illuminate your pool in stunning ways. 

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