Grown-Up Pool Toys that will Help You Beat the Heat

Grown-Up Pool Toys that will Help You Beat the Heat


It’s almost that time of year again…splashing in the pool while cooling down and creating memories with friends and family. As you start prepping your pool, make sure you consider the games and fun your guests will have in your pool. Learn about these grown-up pool toys that are fun for everyone!

The first type of pool toys that are always a big hit are floats

One of the most relaxing things you can do on a hot day is to lounge on a floating raft and soak up the sun. Well, did you know that there are many other great kinds of floats for adults to enjoy? For example, you can purchase a floating golf green that will help you perfect the chip shot! You can also get a floating iceberg that will challenge your guests to a climbing adventure in your pool! No matter which one you choose, floats are a great grown-up pool toy!

There are also great pool toys that do not float at all.

If you want to propel through the water like a graceful dolphin, you can purchase a propulsion vehicle. Take your game of Marco Polo to the next level by scooting yourself through the water in a blink of an eye!

Upgrade your pool area with a rock wall that attaches to the side of your pool. This device can help you and your guests become better climbers while having fun at the same time. If you fall off the rock wall, you land right in the pool.  

If you like to jam out to some tunes while swimming, be sure to pick up a waterproof portable speaker for you to use. Play your favorite songs without worrying about water damage to the speaker.

No matter which one of the grown-up pool toys you choose, you can’t go wrong. Don’t have a pool? Well, at Tampa Bay Pools, we’ve been building custom pools for nearly 20 years. Contact us today to get started on designing your perfect pool for your backyard fun!


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