Eliminate Algae in Your Pool for Good

No one wants to deal with green pool water. Just thinking about your pool turning green can make you a little stressed out. Don’t worry though, as below we have listed some ways you can eliminate algae from your pool for good.

1. Keep the Proper Pool Chemistry

One of the sure fire ways to keep algae from growing in your pool is to keep the pH balanced and make sure the chlorine levels are right at all times. You never want to under or over do it but keep it just right. Checking your pool chemistry weekly is best practice. The pH level should fall somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6.

2. Empty Baskets and Clean the Filter

Regardless of the debris your pool sees regularly it is best to empty the filter baskets weekly, if you have a heavy amount of organic debris that typically falls into your pool empty more often. Keep a watch on your psi, if it is about 25% it is time for you to clean the filter.

3. Scrub the Wall and Invest in a Good Automatic Pool Cleaner

It is good practice to scrub the sides of your pool to loosen up any build up that is taking place. This can prevent the algae that turns your water green as well as keep calcium from building and prevent rust calcification stains. It’s also best to invest in a good automatic pool cleaner. Running this once a day will pick up all of the debris and organic matter that has collected on the pool floor. Make sure you run the cleaner after you scrub the walls to catch all of the matter that sinks to the bottom.

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