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Tampa Bay Pool Builder Swimming Pool Construction Process

The Pool & Spa Construction Process for Award-Winning Tampa Bay Pools

Tampa Bay Pools is a United Aqua Group builder serving the Greater Tampa Area. We value your time and are committed to your project. That's why we've provided our 12-step construction process for your understanding and convenience.

Let us build you a new swimming pool! Before we start your project we schedule a pre-construction meeting to discuss the details and possible time frames with your superintendent. That way, you have the chance to meet with your project manager prior to construction beginning.

12 Steps of Pool Construction

  • Pre-construction
  • 1. Preconstruction

    The preconstruction step includes finalizing the design, securing the building permit, and making sure the site has been properly prepared.
  • Excavation
  • 2. Excavation

    After permitting, excavation begins and our experienced craftsmen go to work. Your pool will be laid out and any fences, trees or stubs in the way must be hauled away. If you have yard sprinklers, they must be turned off and re-routed as necessary.
  • Initial Plumbing
  • 3. Initial Plumbing

    Next, the initial plumbing is installed. This includes running the pipes for the filters, the main drains and any passive solar systems. If you’ve opted for an in-floor cleaning system, the plumbing for this will be installed at this time as well.
  • Steel Framework
  • 4. Steel Framework

    Next, the steel reinforcing frameworks in installed. Our steel designs are approved by a certified engineer before this step begins. This is also the time we take care of the electrical bonding or grounding of the shell and equipment.
  • Concrete Shell
  • 5. Concrete Shell

    Next, and perhaps the most exciting step, is the application of the concrete. Also known as gunite, the concrete is pneumatically applied by a trained professional. It’s exciting to watch as your new pool starts to take shape. This is also when we will build your steps in the shallow end, any loveseats or benches, and any other custom features.
  • Deck Preparation
  • 6. Deck Preparation

    When the concrete shell is completed, we will level the ground around the pools, remove the wood forms and remove any sod from the areas where the deck will be installed.
  • Completing the Final Plumbing
  • 7. Completing the Final Plumbing

    Now it is time to complete the plumbing work. We will set your equipment in place and complete the plumbing between it and your pool.
  • Electrical Wiring
  • 8. Electrical Wiring

    Next, we complete the electrical work. If needed, an electrical panel is installed. Then all lights, switches, special features and control systems will be connected to the circuit breakers.
  • Installing the Tile
  • 9. Installing the Tile

    Now it is time to install the tile around the perimeter of the pool. This is also when we will put your new skimmers in place.
  • Installing the deck
  • 10. Installing the deck

    Next, your new deck is installed. This could be pavers, stamped concrete, natural stone or some other custom finish.
  • Applying the Interior Finish
  • 11. Applying the Interior Finish

    The pool interior is hand-troughed and water proofed. Then, the final finish is applied. That may be white or colored plaster or marcite depending on what you ordered. Or, it may be one of the stunning new aggregate finishes such as pebble-tec. You have a lot of options to choose from. Also at this time, any surface hardware will be installed. This includes skimmer covers, main drain covers, in-floor cleaners and return caps.
  • Pool Startup
  • 12. Pool Startup

    Finally, it is time for your pool start-up and pool school. One of our service professionals will schedule a time to meet with you at your new pool. At that time, they will explain all of the operations and functions of the pool and answer any questions you might have. After that, the only thing left is for you to start swimming and enjoy your new Tampa Bay Pool!