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Which Spa Design Is Right For Your Combined Pool & Spa?


 The benefits of having an inground spa are vast, from relaxing after a long stressful day to easing sore muscles after a swim and socializing with friends. There are quite a few pool design options to consider, however, starting with whether you want a spa alongside or in the pool,

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The Health Benefits of a Custom Spa


 We are always looking for ways to improve our health. Diet and exercise are the first two that might spring to mind, but what about other ways to improve your overall health? Don’t overlook the custom spa or spa, which offers important health benefits.Stress ReliefWhen you work hard, whether at

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Preparing Your Pool for a Hurricane


 Here in the Tampa Bay area, it isn’t uncommon to have one or more hurricanes sweep through our city between June and November. While most of us are familiar with battening down the hatches and have memorized surrounding evacuation routes, one of the least considered items are preparing pool for

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Water Features That Perfectly Complement a Modern Geometric Pool


 Geometric pools have quickly climbed the ranks in pool popularity and are now among one of the most commonly found pool designs in Tampa Bay backyards today. Being nearly as flexible as a freeform pool but offering flattering and well defined lines and edges, some water features tend to complement

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The Total Zodiac System Will Make You Rethink Pool Equipment


 Taking care of your pool has come a long way in the past 10 years. As technology advances, pool equipment is no exception. New pool technology is smarter, easier to use, and helps you save energy, and therefore, money. At Tampa Bay Pools, we proudly supply all of our pools

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3 Reasons to Build a Custom Pool in Tampa Bay


Life is about moments and creating memories. One of the main reasons people come to us is to  create an outdoor space they can enjoy for many years to come.When you make the choice to add a custom swimming pool in Tampa Bay, you are not simply creating a fun

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Last-Minute Fourth of July Party Planning

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So it’s just a few days until the Fourth of July and everyone is coming to your house to enjoy your awesome backyard and beautiful Tampa Bay pool. There’s only one problem. The summer has flown by and what was June is quickly turning into July and you haven’t planned

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Outdoor Kitchens – Keeping the Critters Away


 Since the Fourth of July is just a few days away, there’s probably a good chance you’re getting ready to host a backyard cookout. You love having people over and showing off your Tampa Bay outdoor kitchen, but you’re not a fan of uninvited guests. Even the cleanest outdoor dining

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Discover Your Dream Pool with MyStaycation Builder

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 Are you ready to build a pool, but don’t know where to start when it comes to the design? If your answer is yes, then the Tampa Bay Pools MyStaycation Builder tool is perfect for you. This online tool allows you come to our showroom fully prepared to discuss the

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The Benefits of Owning a Pool in Tampa Bay


When you reflect on the summers of your childhood,  some of your fondest memories were probably spent in the water. Maybe your family owned their own custom swimming pool and this led you to develop a passion for swimming and a thirst for the fun that only a pool can

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