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The Total Zodiac System Will Make You Rethink Pool Equipment



Taking care of your pool has come a long way in the past 10 years. As technology advances, pool equipment is no exception. New pool technology is smarter, easier to use, and helps you save energy, and therefore, money.

At Tampa Bay Pools, we proudly supply all of our pools with top-of-the-line Zodiac products. The best brands in pool care all operate under Zodiac’s over 100 year commitment to excellence.

The Total Zodiac System is the ultimate in ease, comfort, and cost-savings for pool owners who care about quality.  


The AquaLink pool automation system gives Tampa Bay pool owners complete pool and spa control with the touch of a button. You can easily adjust water temperature, turn your outdoor lights on and off, and maintain optimum convenience and efficiency with the ease of using a smartphone app.  


Zodiac's leading salt sanitizing pool technology increases swimmer enjoyment and peace of mind. Salt sanitization gives you clean, clear, and sparkling water without that effects of harsh chemicals. It also eliminates odors while killing dangerous bacteria and viruses. Salt sanitization continues to work long after chlorine has depleted.


Sure, we love saving the environment. But we also love saving money. With the Total Zodiac System for your Brandon or Tampa Bay pool, you’ll be using less harmful chemicals and reducing energy use. Zodiac energy-efficient cleaners use about the same energy as an 80-watt light bulb. Their energy-efficient pumps can be integrated into a system that can save you up to $1,300 a year.

A pool outfitted with the Total Zodiac System will be worry-free and make owning a Tampa Bay or Clearwater pool even more enjoyable than it already is. If you value getting the highest quality while saving time and money, there’s no other option than Zodiac and Tampa Bay Pools.

About Tampa Bay Pools

Tampa Bay Pools is a custom pool builder serving Tampa Bay, Brandon, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg areas, who understands the importance and value of your own backyard escape. That’s why we build spectacular new inground swimming pools that are easy to maintain.

We offer a wide variety of custom projects including residential or commercial swimming pool building, stunning custom features to customize your pool, outdoor enclosures for your backyard oasis, and custom spas.

Our pools can be designed to fit any style or budget; we even offer swimming pool financing options.

Add These Amazing Features to Your Pool Today

Tampa Bay pool

Your pool is an amazing amenity to your house and likely the favorite place for the family to get together and hang out. While your pool is already great, let’s turn things up a notch. Tampa Bay Pools will help provide you with some amazing features that are simply must-haves for your pool.

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A Roundup of Basic Pool Accessories for a Season Full of Fun!


The long, lazy days of summer are here, and what better way to spend them than in your Tampa Bay swimming pool? Get maximum enjoyment from your pool time this season with these awesome pool accessories.

Pool Noodles

First and foremost, let's give a shout out to the basic pool noodle! Easy to find just about anywhere, these may be the least expensive but most useful item in your accessory arsenal, so be sure to pick up several. Noodles may be the most versatile of floats. Ladies, try sitting on one to keep the body submerged but hair above water!

Their slim design takes up little space, making them great options to keep in the pool as emergency assists for little swimmers. Host a family jousting tournament! Give each contestant a noodle to straddle and another to use as their "joust". The first to cause their opponent to fall off their "horse" wins!

A Place for Everything

Banish slimy, sodden pool towels forever! Search Pinterest for do-it-yourself poolside towel rack ideas to keep everyone's towels corralled and dry. From simple hooks mounted on a wall or fence to an antique ladder, the possibilities are endless. You can also purchase metal towel stands with a weighted base and multi-directional arms for hanging. Some even come equipped with trays or buckets on top for holding sunscreen and other essentials!

Water Sport Equipment

Beat the heat of summer days by taking your favorite sports into the water! Purchase specially designed water footballs, basketballs with weighted poolside hoops, or even water volleyball sets that stretch across the pool from special grommets installed in the decking. For even more fun with your volleyball net, purchase an inexpensive plastic badminton set to play with in the pool. Don't forget the Sploosh balls! These soft, fabric covered balls make for wonderfully intense games of catch-at-any-cost!

Music Makes it a Party

No pool party can get really rocking without music! Today's Bluetooth technology has spawned a host of water-resistant outdoor speakers of many shapes, sizes and colors. The best part is they can wirelessly play music from smartphone docks or stereo systems safely kept indoors! So put together a playlist of your favorite party tunes or a relaxation mix for peaceful evening lounging in the spa. Everything is better set to music!

Just getting started on a new pool and spa? Plan ahead to make your backyard resort both beautiful and enjoyable for you, your family and friends. The design experts at Tampa Bay Pools can offer a wealth of ideas you may never have thought of for how you can incorporate form with function. Give us a call today!