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Tampa Bay Pools Featured Pool for June

Geometric pool with Raised spa, outdoor fireplace, fire bowls

June Featured Tampa Bay & Brandon Pool of the Month

Tampa Bay Pools, your Tampa Bay & Clearwater pool builder, invites you to take a look at our June featured pool of the month. This luxurious family-friendly backyard has all of the elements of a fun filled afternoon or the ultimate pool party.

The custom swimming pool is a geometric pool (sometimes called a classic pool) with plenty of space for outdoor seating, creating the perfect outdoor retreat.   

This beautiful pool features:

  • Custom spa with jets to work out any stress or relax those aching muscles
  • Entry steps for easier access
  • Tanning ledge to relax and tan while staying cool
  • Fire bowls to create the perfect ambience
  • Outdoor living features
    • Outdoor fireplace
    • Covered patio
    • Outdoor kitchen

Contact Tampa Bay Pools to get started on your custom swimming pool. 


Tampa Bay Pools is a custom pool builder serving Tampa Bay, Brandon, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg areas, who understands the importance and value of your own backyard escape. That’s why we build spectacular new inground swimming pools that are easy to maintain. We offer a wide variety of custom projects including residential or commercial swimming pool building, stunning custom features to customize your pool, outdoor enclosures for your backyard oasis, and custom spas. Our pools can be designed to fit any style or budget; we even offer swimming pool financing options.

Get Fit with these New Year’s Resolution Worthy Pool Exercises

Pool exercises

Everyone loves a pool. They are the staple of fun for the whole family. You splash in them, you spend time with your family in them, and they make your life so much happier. However, apart from being fun and relaxing, pools are also a great way of keeping in shape. There are many different things that you can do to stay in shape using your very own pool. Here are some of our favorite pool exercises:

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Build a New Pool this Winter in Tampa Bay

build your pool in winter

With winter around the corner, many people around America are getting ready to close their pools for the cold weather, thus ending the summer time fun. However, your custom Florida pool with Tampa Bay Pools is not closing any time soon. In fact, your home might be due for a huge makeover this holiday season. In Tampa Bay, winter is the absolute perfect time to have your brand new pool built or have your old one remodeled. This Christmas season, there are some amazing reasons that you should begin the construction or update of your pool. 

Perfect Prices

When people wait to spring or even summer, the new standards and prices roll around for what pools can cost and sometimes, the price will increase significantly from year to year and season to season. If you have your new pool built this winter, you can have an assurance that your price will not go up. The warmer months, in general, see a significant increase in the prices to contrast a new pool. Make this Christmas perfect and more affordable with a brand new pool. Do not let the rising prices of summer get the best of you buy saving some cash and investing in a brand new pool this winter.

Yard Work 

Every few years or so, all yards need certain maintenance work and updating. This can get pricey, especially during the warmer months. This winter, try having all of your landscaping and maintenance needs taken care of before the warmth of the sun returns. If you choose to go this route, then when summer gets here, you are not looking at ugly construction work around your pool area. This is the perfect way to have all of your yard and gardening needs seen to before summer returns. That way you can enjoy every aspect of your yard when the weather is hot again. 

Ready To Go

Right now, many Americans are trapped inside, looking out at a pool to frigid and cold to use. In Tampa Bay your pools are uncovered and still in use. However, if you do not have a pool already, it is the perfect time to invest because when summer rolls around, you will be ready to go and enjoy your brand new pool. No one wants to spend their summer months watching construction and sitting around the house. If you have your pool construction or remodeling needs taken care of in the winter, then when summer arrives once again, you can waste no time jumping in and enjoying the refreshing water. Enjoy the fun in the sun right on time with a new pool from Tampa Bay Pools.

Buy your brand new, luxurious pool this winter when you contact us for further information and assistance. 

Add These Amazing Features to Your Pool Today

Tampa Bay pool

Your pool is an amazing amenity to your house and likely the favorite place for the family to get together and hang out. While your pool is already great, let’s turn things up a notch. Tampa Bay Pools will help provide you with some amazing features that are simply must-haves for your pool.

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Add a Spa to Your Tampa Bay Pool Today

Tampa Bay pool

Your pool is one of your favorite places. You retreat there after a long day to enjoy the cool water and relax with family and friends. Pools are an amazing amenity to any house, but you can go one step further by adding a top of the line, luxurious spa or hot tub to your property.

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Florida Outdoor Living Space Decorating Tips for the Fall

Florida outdoor living

Fall is here and with it comes the rustic colors, the cooler weather and the joy of the impending holidays. People will be flooding the stores soon in search of all the decorating and crafts materials that they need to turn their home into the perfect holiday destination. However, with so many options and styles to choose from, it’s easy to get lost or swept up in all the craziness this time of year can bring. Following some of these easy tips can help make your home and your Florida outdoor living space the best and most vivid sight to see throughout the entire fall season.

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Which Pool Deck Material is Right for You?

modern pool

Installing a pool means more decisions than just the basin itself. People will spend as much time at the area around the pool as they will swimming in it. This means that choosing the right decking or patio material for your pool deck is a big decision. Here are some of the options that are available to you and the pros can cons for choosing them.


Poured concrete is a traditional finish for many pool decks. It was inexpensive and relatively easy to maintain. Concrete has fallen out of favor recently, as it can be hot to walk on with bare feet and it also can crack when exposed to changing weather conditions. Still, it is an inexpensive option and can be tinted with many colors or even stamped or have accent bands added for an individual touch. 

Wood Decking

Wood is a popular decking choice for backyards with or without pools. Wood can be built up around your pool and can be made into any shape or size to fit your needs. It can get slippery when it gets wet, however, so swimmers will need to be careful. Wood is also rather high maintenance. It needs frequently restained and refinished. It can be bought in a variety of types, and many exotic hardwoods can add a unique look to your pool area.

Composite Decking

Composite decking gives you the look and feel of wood with much less maintenance. Composite decks are typically wooden boards wrapped in a coating that will stand up to the elements. It can be coated with gripping paint to hold on to wet feet and does not need to be constantly refinished. Composite decks can be expensive, however, and the color choices are limited unless you paint.

Paving Stones

Paving stones are large concrete slabs that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are placed as individual pieces, so it gives them plenty of room to move around with the weather to prevent cracking. Pavers can be bought in most colors and give you the freedom to choose two or three different colors to create patterns of your choosing.

Unglazed Tile

Similar to paving stones, these small clay alternatives can give a unique southwestern look to your pool area. They are small and put down like any other tile, so some extra work to build a bed for them will be needed for stability. A similar effect can be created with thin stone.


This may seem like an odd one, but if you think about it, rubber makes an ideal pool deck surface. Rubber is non-slip, durable and easy to clean up. A few companies are offering rubber pool decking materials that is similar to playground surfacing. It can be made in any design or pattern and comes in a variety of colors.

Whatever you choose, Tampa Bay Pools can help. Check out our different options for your new pool, including pool deck materials and contact us today!

4 Bright Ideas for Pool Lighting

pool lighting

While swimming during the day is fun, nothing beats a nice dip in the pool after dark. You may not want to have to light your pool with tiki-torches or flashlights, however. Here are some tips that you might want to consider if you are thinking of installing pool lighting.

Look at the Tile

The first thing you want to think about is matching the color of your lighting to the color of your pool tile. While you obviously want to keep things looking nice, you can actually pick colors that are absorbed by the tile in your pool and reduce the amount of light that it puts out.

On the other hand, choosing the right colors can help you to come up with some interesting and unique lighting effects. If you are unsure what you might be able to do with your pool tile colors, give the internet a search to see what others are doing. It might inspire you.

Keep it Soft

You and your guests want to enjoy your pool. Feeling like you are in the spotlight of a Broadway play is not the way to make people feel comfortable. Having several softer sources of light in your pool is a much better way to go than having one bright harsh source. Consider at least two sources (or more) to keep your pool lit at a comfortable level. 

Don’t Forget the Deck

You can spend all of your time looking for great pool lighting, but if people can’t see where the steps are, they may never get in. You have to keep the area around the pool well lit as well. Soft lighting around the deck and pathways will ensure you can find your way into the pool. You can also enhance the feel of the entire pool area by choosing lighting for your landscaping as well. Spreading the light around has the bonus effect of spreading out the insects, as there are more than one source of light to be attracted to.

LED or Incandescent?

What kind of lighting best fits your pool? The two main choices are LED and incandescent. Of course, LED lighting is much more expensive initially. It can offer several advantages over incandescent. First is the reduced cost of energy. LED lights are much more efficient and will consume less power as you operate them. They are also available in a much wider variety of colors than you can get with good old incandescent bulbs.

Take the time to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both before you make a final decision on what kind of lighting to go with. Don’t forget that while incandescent bulbs carry the lower up front cost, there may be much more on the back end than you are anticipating.

For help installing pool lighting, contact the experts at Tampa Bay Pools. We can get you up and running with pool lights in no time. 

A Roundup of Basic Pool Accessories for a Season Full of Fun!


The long, lazy days of summer are here, and what better way to spend them than in your Tampa Bay swimming pool? Get maximum enjoyment from your pool time this season with these awesome pool accessories.

Pool Noodles

First and foremost, let's give a shout out to the basic pool noodle! Easy to find just about anywhere, these may be the least expensive but most useful item in your accessory arsenal, so be sure to pick up several. Noodles may be the most versatile of floats. Ladies, try sitting on one to keep the body submerged but hair above water!

Their slim design takes up little space, making them great options to keep in the pool as emergency assists for little swimmers. Host a family jousting tournament! Give each contestant a noodle to straddle and another to use as their "joust". The first to cause their opponent to fall off their "horse" wins!

A Place for Everything

Banish slimy, sodden pool towels forever! Search Pinterest for do-it-yourself poolside towel rack ideas to keep everyone's towels corralled and dry. From simple hooks mounted on a wall or fence to an antique ladder, the possibilities are endless. You can also purchase metal towel stands with a weighted base and multi-directional arms for hanging. Some even come equipped with trays or buckets on top for holding sunscreen and other essentials!

Water Sport Equipment

Beat the heat of summer days by taking your favorite sports into the water! Purchase specially designed water footballs, basketballs with weighted poolside hoops, or even water volleyball sets that stretch across the pool from special grommets installed in the decking. For even more fun with your volleyball net, purchase an inexpensive plastic badminton set to play with in the pool. Don't forget the Sploosh balls! These soft, fabric covered balls make for wonderfully intense games of catch-at-any-cost!

Music Makes it a Party

No pool party can get really rocking without music! Today's Bluetooth technology has spawned a host of water-resistant outdoor speakers of many shapes, sizes and colors. The best part is they can wirelessly play music from smartphone docks or stereo systems safely kept indoors! So put together a playlist of your favorite party tunes or a relaxation mix for peaceful evening lounging in the spa. Everything is better set to music!

Just getting started on a new pool and spa? Plan ahead to make your backyard resort both beautiful and enjoyable for you, your family and friends. The design experts at Tampa Bay Pools can offer a wealth of ideas you may never have thought of for how you can incorporate form with function. Give us a call today!

Five Favorite Homemade Planters to Accent Your Tampa Bay Pool Area

(Image URL:


Spring is here and summer is just around the corner! As you spend more of your time outdoors, you may find yourself thinking of ways to add a little more life and color to your Tampa Bay pool area. Here we have compiled a few of our favorite ideas for homemade planter options from around the web. Often inspired by objects they already had on hand, these imaginative folks turned trash into treasure to show us that there is no limit to what can be turned into eye-catching plant homes!

Turn Trash Into Treasure!

Take our first example above. A rusty old wheelbarrow with a flat tire and an improvised replacement handle was destined for the junk yard before a few drilled holes and a cute, stenciled monogram transformed it into an interesting and colorful focal point for the garden!

(Image URL:


While recycling is great, repurposing is just as awesome. Check out what this crafter did with #10 cans and some craft paint! We love how the bright colors accented by metallic gold really made a simple seating area pop! (Just remember to punch a few holes in the bottom for drainage.)

(Image URL:


You will never guess what this next homemade planter is made of. It's nothing more than some cheap burlap, a length of rope and... a broken plastic laundry basket! Yes, you read that right! With the help of a little duct tape and hot glue, a piece of junk set out on the curb was turned into a chic and simple outdoor accent, proving once again that you don't have to spend a lot to get a lot. All that is required is a little creativity!

(Image URL:


Think Outside the Box

With a little practice, anyone can start to see the possibilities in unconventional materials. For instance, who knew that seashells, long appreciated for their complex and beautiful natural structures, could also make such excellent planters for succulents? Succulents are fascinating, hardy plants that require little water and can root in just about anything. Bring a laidback, beachy element to your Florida pool with this easy idea.

(Image URL:


Got any cinder blocks lying around? Then you've got the makings of an intriguing and infinitely configurable backyard planter! From just a few, to several dozen, cinder blocks can be used in a variety of ways to create clean, geometric designs that perfectly compliment a contemporary pool or outdoor living space. What is more, their open interiors seem made to order for tucking in plants! Mix in some cedar or teak wood elements for an ultra-sophisticated Zen garden look.

Browse through our Galleries to help identify your personal style. For more great ideas and food for thought while designing your outdoor spaces, download Tampa Bay Pools' free ebook How to Plan the Perfect Backyard!