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March, 2016

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How to Determine Your Swimming Pool Budget

pool budget

Tampa Bay is one of the most beautiful areas in the state of Florida. It presents the quintessential tropical atmosphere with beautiful beaches and an equally stunning city skyline. There is no end to the opportunities, from education to employment; the quality of life in Tampa Bay is certainly hard to match. For these reasons, people flock to the area to become homeowners and build a life.

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Why You Should Consider a Zodiac Worry-Free Pool

Zodiac Worry-Free Pool Tampa

Owning a custom swimming pool in Tampa Bay will bring so much joy to your family. There are countless memories to be made and fun to be had. Not to mention, the health and psychological benefits are just an added bonus! Your swimming pool will certainly bring you together with your friends and family like never before.

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Our Favorite Luxury Water Feature Combos

luxury water feature

Pool design has become a lot more fun over the years for both Tampa Bay pool builders and homeowners. There is no shortage of luxury custom water features that can be incorporated into any design or theme. If you can dream it, it can be built by a great custom pool building company.

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How to Decide on the Perfect Pool Shape for Your Backyard

Perfect Pool Shape

Congratulations on your decision to install a custom pool at your Tampa Bay home. Though you probably already have a list of wants and needs for your pool, there is still a lot of planning to do. For instance, there are colors to pick and features to select—do you want an outdoor kitchen or fire pit near your pool area? What about elements such as waterfalls, fountains or lounging decks? The beauty of designing a custom pool is that the choice is all yours.

One very important factor that you will have to consider is the shape of your new pool. This is widely determined by the limitations that have been set by your Tampa Bay backyard. Some things can be unearthed or moved, but others cannot. At Tampa Bay Pools, we want you to have the custom pool of your dreams. Here is how to decide on the perfect pool shape for your backyard.

The Limitations of Your Tampa Bay Backyard

Not everyone has a giant backyard to put in a pool as big as a grocery store, but that is fine. Even if you have a small yard, you can still have a beautiful pool area. Of course, the size of your backyard will be one of the main factors to consider when determining the shape of your pool. If there are obstacles, such as trees or large rocks, they will either have to be removed beforehand or worked around by reshaping the pool. Once you know what size and shape of the potential pool that your yard is capable of holding, you can focus on other factors to make sure that you build the pool of your dreams.

Your Vision

Just as important as the backyard space is your vision. While you may need to change something in your plan or build your pool slightly smaller so that it will fit in your backyard, you should not stray far from your dream. If you started this journey with a particular arrangement and shape in mind, speak to your pool design professional to see what can be done about fitting it into your yard.

The Intended Use

How you would like to use your pool will also play a huge part in determining the size that is installed. If you are planning to swim laps and exercise in your pool on a regular basis, you might want to consider a traditional lap pool that features a mirror image surface. There are a lot of ways to dress up even the most basically shaped pools. You could go the other direction as well and create a one-of-a-kind free-form pool. Free-form pools are oddly shaped yet beautiful and perfect for working around obstacles or conditions that might have otherwise made getting a pool difficult.

Custom Pools in Tampa Bay

If you would like more information on finding the perfectly shaped custom pool, visit our "getting started" page to begin planning for your new pool.