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December, 2015

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Get Fit with these New Year’s Resolution Worthy Pool Exercises

Pool exercises

Everyone loves a pool. They are the staple of fun for the whole family. You splash in them, you spend time with your family in them, and they make your life so much happier. However, apart from being fun and relaxing, pools are also a great way of keeping in shape. There are many different things that you can do to stay in shape using your very own pool. Here are some of our favorite pool exercises:

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Plan the Perfect Tampa Bay Staycation

Staycation in Tampa Bay

The holidays are here. In order to celebrate, you want to plan the perfect trip, but you are not looking to go that far away. There are plenty of options to make the perfect staycation in and around Tampa Bay. With spending copious amounts of money already this holiday season, this could be the best, most affordable option to treat the ones you love this holiday season with an awesome staycation in the Tamps Bay area.

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Build a New Pool this Winter in Tampa Bay

build your pool in winter

With winter around the corner, many people around America are getting ready to close their pools for the cold weather, thus ending the summer time fun. However, your custom Florida pool with Tampa Bay Pools is not closing any time soon. In fact, your home might be due for a huge makeover this holiday season. In Tampa Bay, winter is the absolute perfect time to have your brand new pool built or have your old one remodeled. This Christmas season, there are some amazing reasons that you should begin the construction or update of your pool. 

Perfect Prices

When people wait to spring or even summer, the new standards and prices roll around for what pools can cost and sometimes, the price will increase significantly from year to year and season to season. If you have your new pool built this winter, you can have an assurance that your price will not go up. The warmer months, in general, see a significant increase in the prices to contrast a new pool. Make this Christmas perfect and more affordable with a brand new pool. Do not let the rising prices of summer get the best of you buy saving some cash and investing in a brand new pool this winter.

Yard Work 

Every few years or so, all yards need certain maintenance work and updating. This can get pricey, especially during the warmer months. This winter, try having all of your landscaping and maintenance needs taken care of before the warmth of the sun returns. If you choose to go this route, then when summer gets here, you are not looking at ugly construction work around your pool area. This is the perfect way to have all of your yard and gardening needs seen to before summer returns. That way you can enjoy every aspect of your yard when the weather is hot again. 

Ready To Go

Right now, many Americans are trapped inside, looking out at a pool to frigid and cold to use. In Tampa Bay your pools are uncovered and still in use. However, if you do not have a pool already, it is the perfect time to invest because when summer rolls around, you will be ready to go and enjoy your brand new pool. No one wants to spend their summer months watching construction and sitting around the house. If you have your pool construction or remodeling needs taken care of in the winter, then when summer arrives once again, you can waste no time jumping in and enjoying the refreshing water. Enjoy the fun in the sun right on time with a new pool from Tampa Bay Pools.

Buy your brand new, luxurious pool this winter when you contact us for further information and assistance. 

Why Hot Tubs Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

Hot tubs

With the holidays right around the corner, this year you should make an awesome investment for your family’s future and a lifetime of memories. Hot tubs are an amazing holiday gift that will provide not only memories for a lifetime, but also many health benefits. This Christmas, purchase a perfect, brand new hot tub, with the help of Tampa Bay Pools, and find out why it is the most amazing, perfect holiday gift.

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