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November, 2014

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What Pool Shape Fits Your Personality?

If you are going to have the perfect backyard, it needs to match your personality perfectly. One way to do that is to get the right pool shape. Below are three different personality types and their pool shapes and designs that will work best for you when you are enjoying your backyard paradise.

The Entertainer

If you like to have big groups of people over and entertain with food, fun and games a big geometric free form shape is the right pool for you. This shape incorporates different geometric shapes to create the perfect and versatile pool for you. Start with a rectangle and a shallower end where you can set up water games like volley ball and basketball; add in a semi circle sun shelf for those friends that you love to sit around and catch up with while soaking your feet; for a final touch have an L shaped cut out that doubles as a swim up bar so you can entertain pool side. Adding different elements to classic design is the perfect way to guarantee your guest will have a great time and want to come back time and time again.

The Beach Bum at Heart

Let's face it; Life can be stressful, and if you like to spend your time relaxing on a beach with a good book or taking a cat nap, a free form shape is the right one for you. Create your own beach that is available to you 24/7 with a free form design, if you really want it to feel like you're wading into your private lagoon get a beach entry. If you want to feel like the pool goes on forever like the sea incorporate an infinity edge on one side. Why deal with driving and sand when you can let your inner beach bum free right at home.

The Observer

Entertaining a lot of people or being at the beach isn't everyone's thing. If you are the kind of person that likes to sit down and enjoy observing the sights and sounds around you either the free form or geometric design will do for shape. lap pools are especially nice with this design and atmosphere you want to create. What will really make you appreciate your pool and backyard design is the features you add on. Add water fountains or deck jets to stimulate your sight and sound. Create built in planters around your pool at multiple levels and plant coastal grasses or your favorite flowers to bring a smile to your face.

Eliminate Algae in Your Pool for Good

No one wants to deal with green pool water. Just thinking about your pool turning green can make you a little stressed out. Don't worry though, as below we have listed some ways you can eliminate algae from your pool for good.

1. Keep the Proper Pool Chemistry

One of the sure fire ways to keep algae from growing in your pool is to keep the pH balanced and make sure the chlorine levels are right at all times. You never want to under or over do it but keep it just right. Checking your pool chemistry weekly is best practice. The pH level should fall somewhere between 7.2 and 7.6.

2. Empty Baskets and Clean the Filter

Regardless of the debris your pool sees regularly it is best to empty the filter baskets weekly, if you have a heavy amount of organic debris that typically falls into your pool empty more often. Keep a watch on your psi, if it is about 25% it is time for you to clean the filter.

3. Scrub the Wall and Invest in a Good Automatic Pool Cleaner

It is good practice to scrub the sides of your pool to loosen up any build up that is taking place. This can prevent the algae that turns your water green as well as keep calcium from building and prevent rust calcification stains. It's also best to invest in a good automatic pool cleaner. Running this once a day will pick up all of the debris and organic matter that has collected on the pool floor. Make sure you run the cleaner after you scrub the walls to catch all of the matter that sinks to the bottom.

10 Beautiful Pools Tampa Homeowners love!

Spending time outside is a big part of the Tampa lifestyle. Whether it's sunbathing on our patio or splashing in the water for many months out of the year we enjoy the warm sunny weather. As winter approaches you can still enjoy your pool and patio with one of these beautiful pools Tampa homeowners are crazy about.

1. The Sunken Fire Pit

The sunken fire pit design is a fun take on different outdoor living features. Design your pool to have a fire pit and sitting area surrounded by the pool water. This allows you to feel like you're in the pool in the winter and more seating in the summer by adding swim up bar stools.

2. The Lagoon Entry

Why drive and deal with sand when you can have your very own beach in your backyard. With a Lagoon pool design and beach entry you can feel like you're in your own private oasis or your own beach without leaving home or all the other inconveniences of going to the beach.

3. The Infinity Edge

Infinity pools have become super popular over the years. The traditional design calls for one edge that the water runs over but now you can have that same effect on every edge of your pool

4. The Roman Style Pool

Create this classic design with a rectangular shape and added semi circles sun shelves for lounging. With added tile designs you can make your backyard feel crisp, clean and classic.

5. The Spa Pool

Sometimes we don't have that much room in our backyards for pools, but that shouldn't stop you from having one! The Spa Pool is just the right size for you to take a dip to cool off or relax. Add a water feature so you can enjoy the soothing sounds of a spa all year round even if you can jump in.

6. The Lap Pool

The lap pool can be extremely versatile, regardless of the size of your backyard. You can enjoy this style in any length or width, just make sure you don't go too short or you might get dizzy when swimming laps.

7. The Grotto Hot Tub

With so many pool features to choose from on why not put them together in your design. Design your hot tub in a grotto near the pool so that you can relax and soak no matter the weather.

8. The Built in Splash Pad

Create a design with a sun shelf that also has fun water bubbling features. This will create a mini splash pad that is sure to keep the little ones entertained for hours.

9. The Cabana Pool

If you love to swim and you love to entertain the cabana pool is perfect. Create a swim up bar that you can enjoy right next to the grill, you won't have to leave the pool to enjoy your favorite foods or beverage.

10. The Water Fall Oasis

Water features are always tons of fun and they are even more fun when they look like a natural water fall. Add a slide near your water fall for everyone to enjoy splashing and sliding.

Outdoor Living Ideas for Fall: Lighting, Decor

While jumping in the pool could be a little chilly in November, the cooler weather gives homeowners the opportunity to enjoy their outdoor living space from the patio. Fall is the perfect time to add on different features, lighting and decor that can help you create the perfect atmosphere for family and friends to gather and enjoy each others company this holiday season. Use the outdoor living ideas below when you are planning how to use your outdoor living space this fall.

Fire Features

With the dip in temperature this time of year it is always fun to add an element of fire to your backdoor living space. It adds warmth and creates a focal point to enjoy against the night sky. When we think of fire features we often think of the classic fire pit or fire place, but while these classic features are fun to enjoy there are many kinds of fire features you can enjoy in your back yard.

Fire and Water Features - Features like these incorporate both elements into your outdoor living space. Place fire bowls that also have water pouring from them around your pool. Not only are the aesthetically pleasing but incorporating the water pouring into your pool provides a relaxing sound.

Rectangular Fire Pits - Fire pits will always be a favorite for roasting marshmallows and gathering with friends, but sometimes circular and square pits limit who all has access to the fire. By using a fire insert with a rectangular design you can create a larger area with a sleek modern design.

Classic Chimney - Who said a fire place is only for the inside? Use a classic brick or stone chimney design for a fire place outside. You can recreate your living room but also enjoy the crisp fall air and beautiful night sky.

Outdoor Lighting

The long summer nights are over and if we want to enjoy our outdoor living areas even early in the evening we need a way to light them up and make them warm and inviting. Flood lights are great to provide us with the ability to see at night but there are so many fun ways to illuminate your outdoor living space.

Globe String Lights - We often think string lights are only for Christmas decorations but they don't have to be. By using globe string lights, it brings that patio restaurant feel to your own backyard. Not only is it enjoyable for the nice fall weather but you can keep them up all year long. String them over your pool to add a different look entirely.

Paper Lanterns - Paper lanterns are fun to have because they can be used all year round or you can add to the festive atmosphere by using different colors. This fall switch things up from the usual oranges and browns and use colors like forest green, olive, plum, and dark blues.

Re-purposed Chandeliers - Re-purposed chandeliers found at thrift stores are a fun way to make your outdoor living area feel fancy and festive. Paint them or just use their original colors. You can hang them from posts around your flower beds or on your patio for added light.


Decorating for fall and the holidays is one of the best times! Since we are more inclined to entertain during this time and the weather gives us a perfect excuse to cozy up by fire next to the pool, why not go all out in decorating?!

Metallic Colors - Spruce up your outdoor decorations with a touch of metallic paint. You can paint pumpkins or spray paint pine cones and string them as a garland. The possibilities are numerous. An added bonus is that metallic colors can easily take you into the winter months as well.

Flowers - Whether they're potted plants or in a vase flowers are the perfect addition to your outdoor living space decor. For planters think cabbage or kale for dark purples and greens and mums and sunflowers for planters.

Pumpkin Planters- Instead of putting those flowers in a regular pot use a pumpkin! Cut off the top and empty out the insides, then either place a container with the flowers in it inside, so that the flowers don't have to go when the pumpkins are done or fill it with dirt and put the flowers right in.